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Before submitting a request

  • Please perform a search for the records being inquired before submitting a request as the records may be previously requested and published for public viewing, which are immediately available. For food facility inspection reports.

Participating Departments

  • This portal is only fulfilling record requests for the programs and services of the following agency and departments:
    • Consumer and Environmental Protection Agency (CEPA)
      • Agriculture and Environmental Management (AEM)
      • Department of Environmental Health (DEH)
      • Vector Control District (VCD)
    • List of CEPA programs and services.

Requests for Multiple CEPA Departments

  • If the request is for more than one above department, please submit a request for each department as the personnel processing requests are different.

Non-Participating Departments

  • If the request is not with the agency or departments above and not on the department list to the left, please contact the agency or department directly. List of the County’s agencies and departments. Requests for non-participating departments will be closed.

Anonymous Requests

  • Contact information is not required to submit a request. However, the requester will not receive notifications regarding the request, can only view updates by searching for the request through the portal and only view documents that have been published for public viewing. If additional information is needed to process the request, it may be closed without a method to reach the requester.